Spring is coming…

In our neck of the woods, temperatures are climbing and our last frost is almost behind us (although there is usually one or two more that sneak in before Easter). Wild blackberry leaves are emerging, blossoms and buds are appearing, and I already feel behind in preparing for it.

Garden prep is ongoing, but now is a more concerted effort to till (new BCS 739 with 30″ tiller!!), plan, amend, and eventually plant. As we try to get a few more cool-weather crops in the ground and plant seedlings for transplanting a few weeks down the road, I am struck by the miracle of germination. Some seeds, tinier than I can pick up individually, contain all the genetic information they need to produce a living plant and the energy stores to begin the process of growth. Each seed has different criteria for what it needs to sprout and when conditions are right, its growth begins. Some take only a few days, some take several weeks, but each seed planted has the potential for yielding not only food for eating, but hundreds or thousands more seeds for planting again!

As I consider this, I am reminded of the truth, that “unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit. (The Holy Bible, John 12:24, ESV)” Jesus is speaking here of Himself as he approaches His death on the cross, and the holiday we celebrate as Easter will soon be consummated in His resurrection from the dead! As I think of the earthly seeds to be planted, I can’t help but remember the Seed that died, so that we might live, granting eternal life to those who trust in Him as new creations for His glory!