BCS Tractors

Authorized dealer for BCS Tractors and implements. Whether you are a hobby gardener, small-scale farmer, or market gardener, BCS offers a variety of tractors and implements to suit your needs.

What is a two-wheel tractor?

Similar to a conventional rear-tine tiller, a twowheel tractor is used as a walk-behind power source to provide not only the function of a tiller, but also a range of attachments including plows, rotary cutters, sickle-bar mowers, a wood chipper, pressure washer, water pump, power harrow, flail mower, and even haymaking equipment through its PTO. Also new for this year is the seeder attachment by Hoss Tools that enables your tractor to be used as a seeding implement to help get your garden in. Multiple seeders can be configured using the drawbar attachment to plant multiple rows simultaneously.

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