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Neal Family Farms, LLC exists to display the Glory of God by stewarding His creation well and enabling others to do the same.

Please contact us if you would like to receive more information about the products and services that we offer. Our farm is continually expanding and growing, so bookmark us and check back often for updates to products and services. For the latest news and information, click the blog link above to see what's growing.


Life began in a garden. And it was good. In fact, very good. Unfortunately, it did not stay that way, and we can see the ripple of the effects of brokenness all around the world. Fortunately, God made a way, through the sacrifice of His perfect Son Jesus, to pay for the price of our sins, and offer redemption for our souls.
In a small way, we seek to redeem our little piece of earth as a sign of the redemption that we have in Jesus Christ. The products are services that we offer are intended to promote natural and sustainable stewardship of our land, and to help others do likewise. While we will always deal with the effects of sin on our world, by God's grace we are pushing back against them until Christ returns.

God bless!

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